2009-05-20 12:38 pm

Fic: Dr. House to the Magical Ward

This is the story I wrote for [personal profile] wontastic in return for an invite code. Hope you enjoy it!

Dr. House to the Magical Ward
House MD/Harry Potter crossover
Pairings: House/Wilson, Ron/Harry
Warnings: Just some kissing I’m afraid.
Summary: The magical world turns out quite different than imagined and House blames the magic.  
Notes: It’s been awhile since I’ve watched House and I’ve yet to watch all of season 5. I do absolutely adore the series, but I’m not sure how good I am at writing it.

Dr. House to the Magical Ward  )

2009-05-17 01:13 am
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I just got this account thanks to the very nice [personal profile] wontastic ! Thank you so much! I got an invitation in exchange for a story. House/Harry Potter crossover with House/Wilson and Ron/Harry. I might post it soon. I can't wait to explore Dreamwidth :) 

Oh, "gratulerer med dagen" to all Norwegians! It's our National Day! 17th of May.

And last, but not least, congrats to Rybak for winning the Eurovision song contest!!! YAY!